Sales Manager in Tbilisi

Hi all.

My name is Vadym Serhieiev, Business Development Manager at Korter. At the beginning of the year we set a very ambitious growth plan and we need real A-players to implement it.

How much do our managers earn:

  • During the last week of November, our manager Lela sold 2 apartments for a total commission of $2,767;
  • Her bonus is 25%;
  • That’s $692 per week;

How much it turns out per month is not so hard to calculate.

If you want to earn the same – continue reading.

Korter is a Ukrainian proptech marketplace platform. We build and operate websites and mobile apps which help our customers to purchase property directly from developers. Our marketplaces are present in 10 countries around the globe. Our goal is to help people choose and buy their future homes online. More details about the company can be found on the website

The attractiveness of real estate in Tbilisi, as well as the popularity of our site, is constantly growing, and in April we received 937 hot sales leads. All these people want to invest in apartments in Georgia. Our sales department can no longer cope with this high flow of customers, so we decided to expand.

Who are we looking for:

  • a professional sales manager who knows the stages of sales and loves to work out objections;
  • knows how to set goals and achieve them;
  • ready to do everything to provide the client with first-class service;
  • consistency and organization are above all for him;
  • with a great desire to learn and work on their mistakes.

We have already prepared everything you need to start: product training, regulations and standards, sales tools and a customer base. All you need is the desire to join our team and achieve results.

What we guarantee:

  • rate + % of sales, on average from 5,000 lari, no ceiling;
  • additional bonuses for the implementation of the sales plan;
  • no cold calls, only hot leads;
  • flexible work schedule without any control;
  • powerful and friendly team;
  • development of skills and competencies.

Don’t think too long as there are only 1 vacancy, leave your CV and attach a cover letter with answers to the questions:

  1. What am I aiming for in my career?
  2. What do I do best as a professional?
  3. How aspects of the profession are not interesting to me?